Why Flowers and Gift Baskets are like PB&J. Some things just go together

Flowers! Say it Better

You know how certain things just go together naturally? Like spaghetti and meatballs. Wine and roses. Peaches and cream.
I don’t know why those were all food related. Maybe I’m hungry.

Anyway . . . you know what I’m trying to say. Some things just belong together.
So I’ve been thinking about my gift basket business, and for a while I’ve had this thought that I should pair up with a florist.

I mean: flowers and gift baskets, right?


Flowers in gift baskets. Flowers beside gift baskets. Flowers with gift baskets.
They just fit together.  I mean look at ’em.

Flower Gift Basket Tutorial

Here is a little gift basket tutorial that I thought you might find interesting:

I have a friend who is a florist and has her own floral shop. I called her up and last week we went to lunch. And I popped the question.

What if, I said, what if we had a collaborative component to our two businesses? We do our businesses separately, but we overlap. I use your flowers with my gift baskets, and you use my gift baskets with your flowers. And we both advertise each other’s stuff on our online catalogs.

She was interested but didn’t like jump to her feet bellowing my praises or anything. She sat quietly for a bit with that crease in her forehead that means she’s thinking. She asked me some questions and then we started brainstorming.

We thought that the holidays that she markets for—Mother’s Day, Easter, etc—are the same ones I market for. Her Mother’s Day specials or Easter specials could easily include a gift basket, and my gift baskets could include small arrangements in vases or containers that fit the day.

…and since Mother’s day is just around the color. Don’t forget, wink:

mother's day flowers

We thought about birthdays and had the same idea as for the special holidays.

My friend does flower arranging for big events—wedding flowers and funeral arrangements. We thought about pitching gift baskets as bridal party gifts, mom gifts, etc. She makes boutonnieres and corsages and flower wrist things and of course bouquets. So many of those could incorporate a small basket.
Corporate events that require floral centerpieces and standing arrangements could also use baskets. They could be created inside big baskets and whatnot.

We talked about some of her floral themes–traditional, whimsical, earthy, organic, just-for-kids—and how those match mine. I could easily market her arrangements along those themes right in my catalog beside my gift baskets.
So anyway we ended up talking for several hours, and lunch spilled over into the afternoon, and then we got coffee, and then after that of course we needed to get dessert.

Ahhh. making life so much better.


By the time we got out of there I think they were ready to throw us out.

But I was excited and I went home and immediately started examining my inventory as well as my online catalog. And I could see even more ways that I could work alongside my friend’s florist business.

That was last week, and guess what? We’ve already kicked off some trials.

I’ve added a bunch of her arrangements and bouquets and specialty flower items to my catalog, and she’s done the same with my stuff in her catalog.
I’m excited to see where it’ll go!

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