A Transforming Weekend: Not exactly Underwater Basket Weaving

Transformation Take Aways

So I took a break from my basket business and I went to an event this past weekend.
It was an event that I was invited to by somebody else who had attended the same event himself. The event lasted the entire weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday , from 9 AM until 10 PM.

I knew that it would be a good event because of the person that invited me to go to it. I knew he wouldn’t have sent me to something that he had done himself unless it was really good.

But I still didn’t know what to expect so I was just a little bit nervous.
It was an event that basically was about transforming yourself. Not by changing yourself but by opening up yourself to new possibilities for your life.

I liked the fact that they specifically said this would not be an event about changing yourself. We’ve all tried that for umpteen years, they said, and where has that gotten us?

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What it really takes to transform your life

No, this would be an event about transformation: about bringing forth the presence of new possibilities for ourselves.
Knowing that I wasn’t going to be presented with a whole list of things to change about myself took so much pressure off! Wow, what a concept.

The format was an interactive lecture sort of format.
There was a facilitator who led the sessions and she presented the material and then invited people up to comment on it or ask her questions or process something with her.

I was amazed at how long she took with the people that went forward.
It was a group of about 150 that attended the event. When a person went up to the mic to interact with her on the subject matter that she was teaching on, she could easily spend 20 minutes or longer with that person.

I think the idea behind that sort of format was to make it live and personal. In other words, the people that got up to process their situation, issues, and stuck places shared stuff that is common to every person on the planet.

Or at least to many of us.

So by processing out loud with the facilitator, the rest of us could listen and basically apply it to whatever we had going on as well.
The facilitator actively included the entire group in the process. It was a place of Love for sure.

She would turn away from the person at the mic and address the group and say, Okay, you hear what so-and-so is talking about. Now don’t sit in the stands and not participate.

Get on the court.

Figure out how this applies to yourself as well. There’s something in here for all of us.
I thought it was a very effective way of making the material something that was living and dynamic and applicable—not just a dry lecture.

She covered a whole lot of territory in those three days.

I’m pretty sure that 99 % of us left that event having learned some very profound things about ourselves.
I have to stop writing here for now but I might pick this up in my next blog.